Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Top Ten Devotional Apps for iPhone and Android !!!!


1) Daily Bible
This is hands down the best devotional app I've ever had. Not only does it consist of a daily verse, it also has a daily plan, and plenty of devotional material.  During your free time, take a moment to read daily reflections, daily quotes, or devotionals from popular speakers. If you're not one for reading, the devotions include audio podcasts from well known ministers such as, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, and Greg Laurie. You can also have the Bible read to you. Talk about convenient!

2) Devotion
This app ran a very, very close second to Daily Bible! The best thing about this are the morning and evening devotionals. If you want to read more you can scroll to the "What Jesus Did" section and read about the life of times and Jesus. There is also a daily meditation (loved this!) and a daily wisdom section! All of this under one app? I was all over the place with this one! Reading everything! And just when I thought I'd had enough...there was a quote section! The only thing that kept this one from #1 was the fact that there were no audio options. So if you don't like to read stick with Daily Bible.

3) Daily Prayer
This app consists of a list of prayers for every situation. It can be very helpful in a situation where you have something to say but you don't know how to pull the words together. Or you can use it as guide to help model and mold your prayer life.

4) PhotoVerse (also available on iPhone)
This app was created for those who appreciate the beauty of all things visual. Photo verse provides a daily verse but with a gorgeous and very relevant picture background. You can also share your photo verse via text, twitter, or facebook.

5) Wise Proverbs
Who else can spit the real to you like Proverbs? Straight to the point. Better than a daily quote if you ask me. Proverbs is a great book of the Bible, full of wisdom and insight.


1) Joyce Meyer (by Joyce Meyer Ministries)
When I found this app I was ticked off that I did not have an iPhone. While Android does have a similar app, it simply does not compare. The app includes audio podcast and live broadcast from her Enjoying Everyday Life Series.  The app also includes Joyce's devotionals, live tweets, and conference. Best part? The broadcast are available via app BEFORE they hit tv. VIP treatment!

2) Today (also available on Android) by Frame Media
This app also provided daily devotionals written by very popular artists George Young and Arie C. Leader. What I liked about the devotionals was that it took real life examples and compared them to situations that happened in the Bible. This helped to develop a better understanding of many stories that I've read in the Bible. Bonus? Each devotional includes a prayer at the end. Win!

3) Best Daily Prayers
This app not included prayers for various situations in life. It also includes daily devotional and holy inspirations. This is a great application for praying in difficult situations.

4) Psalm and Proverbs
Very similar to the Android Proverbs app. However, this application also includes daily reading from Psalms as well. I enjoyed reading the various verses from both chapters. Psalms with its uplifting verses and proverbs with its wisdom. Both prove to be highly beneficial. Great app.

5)Daily Bible Devotional (also available via Android)
This app offers morning as well as evening devotionals. The best thing about the devotionals is the fact that they are not too long, yet they are very informative. You can also follow the application on twitter for daily inspirational verses.

I hope these apps help you in your daily walk! And as always thank you for reading! Love you all!

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